Today’s working environments are characterized by and at the same time highly depending on many repetitive hand movements, such as typing or assembling tasks. The physical health of hands is thereby becoming increasingly valuable. Guided by the idea of Tangible User Interfaces (TUIs), we introduce a novel graspable device, called HANDle, that we developed to train wrist agility, finger strength as well as its coordination in a motivational game. Therefore, we iteratively prototyped a fully-functional controller that senses multiple finger forces, its relative position in space and that provides visual and vibro-tactile feedback. In addition, we implemented a therapy game that combines different physiotherapeutic motion and grasp exercises supporting custom-defined levels that match to the patient needs.

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HANDle: A Novel Tangible Device for Hand Therapy Exergames
Konstantin Klamka, Annett Mitschick, Raimund Dachselt
In Mensch und Computer 2018 - Tagungsband. MuC ’18, Dresden, Germany. Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V., 303-307, 2018.
Publisher Research Website

A Novel Tangible Device for Hand Therapy Exergames

Category Tangible Devices
Project date 2018
Project URL imld.de/handle/
Collaborators Dr. Annett Mittschick,
Prof. Raimund Dachselt
and Methods
WPF XAML C# Arduino Bluetooth XML C 9-DoF IMU Rapid Prototyping FSR Resistive Sensing LED Vibro-tactile
Presentation at Mensch & Computer '18
in Dresden, Saxony, Germany.
Konstantin Klamka and Annett Mitschick in front of her poster. Konstantin holds the tangible device in his hand.